We are committed to providing a warm and accepting environment that allows our clients a place of peace to work in collaboration along side us to grow through challenging life experiences. Amaryllis Counseling believes clients are the experts of their lives and hold within them the answers to their questions and guide for their path. Utilizing Person Centered Therapy, we assist clients in reaching and exploring into themselves to define who they are and what they need to do. 

How Person Centered Therapy Works:

Client/Therapist Relationship -The client and therapist agree to enter into a relationship of equality where there is no authority but rather both are working together to find healing for the client.

Vulnerability - The therapist provides an environment that inspires kindness and compassion allowing the client a safe space to be authentic and open. 

Genuineness -The therapist provides counsel as an authentic and self-aware individual mirroring the clients vulnerability and energy. 

Unconditional Positive Regard -The therapist receives client through the lens of acceptance, compassion, and celebration of the individual as they are who they are. 

Empathy - The therapist utilizes empathic understanding to assist the client in feeling heard, understood, and seen as they are and accepted as they are. 

Client Perception -The clients ability to receive the therapists unconditional positive regard and empathic understanding provides the environments that fosters self-exploration, discovery, and healthy growth to heal and find wholeness.