Belief: People Need to Feel Connected, Celebrated, Nurtured, and Empowered to Reach Their Full Potential. 

    Vision:To Help Clients Grow in Harmony with Self and Others

    Mission:To Celebrate your Uniqueness and Beauty by Helping you Develop Personal Freedom through Self-Discovery in a Safe and Supportive Environment

    Elizabeth Serricchio received her undergraduate degree from Southern Wesleyan University in Psychology and graduate degree from Webster University in Professional Mental Health Counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Addiction Counselor, and a Certified Addictions Counselor II. Elizabeth has been working with diverse populations for over 10 years in a variety of service settings. She is practiced in providing Individual, Couples, Family, and Group Counseling services.

    Elizabeth believes in drawing out the strong, assertive individuality of her clients by assisting them in engendering self-love and acceptance,  developing deep bonds to healthy and positive resources, and unifying support systems to strengthen her clients through growth. Elizabeth's approach is Rogerian in nature as she believes in working from a place of unconditional positive regard for her clients. 

    Sarah Anderson graduated from Presbyterian College with an undergraduate degree in English then completed her Master's in Clinical Counseling from the Citadel Graduate College. She has spent seven years working with diverse populations including individuals with substance use disorders and chronic mental health conditions. Sarah is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Addictions Counselor, and Certified Addictions Counselor I. She is passionate about reducing stigma and working on overcoming shame through empathy, validation, and non-judgment. She works best with clients who thrive with a warm and nurturing environment. 


    Sarah believes that when individuals are met with warmth and acceptance they become free from shame and naturally move towards growth and health. She wants to help individuals become the best possible versions of themselves and works collaboratively with clients to develop their vision for their lives. One of the greatest privileges of her life is providing a safe space for individuals to share their joys and sorrows and to experiment with what identity works best for them. She has seen the power of therapy to transform lives and believes strongly that everyone can benefit from the right therapist.

    Laura Davis received her undergraduate degree from The University of South Carolina in Psychology with a minor in Social Work. She completed her Masters of Social Work from The University of South Carolina, as well. Laura is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and a Certified Addictions Counselor II. Laura has worked in a variety of settings over the past 10+ years including detox, group homes, outpatient and residential mental health and substance abuse.  She is practiced in providing Individual, Couples, Family and Group Counseling Services.

    Laura is passionate about ending the stigma of mental health. She meets clients with empathy, non-judgement. She believes in the therapeutic alliance to create trust, nurture empowerment and encourage clients to be the experts in their lives. Laura is trained in EMDR. Laura utilizes this approach to address trauma.

    Courtney studied Art and Psychology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She went on to complete a Master’s degree in Art Therapy with an Emphasis in Clinical Counseling at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in Terre Haute, Indiana. Before moving to Greenville, SC in 2017, Courtney worked for several years as the Director of Programs for a non-profit organization in Denver, CO that offered expressive arts workshops to disenfranchised youth, using poetry and spoken-word as the vehicle for community connection, personal expression, and transformational empowerment. She became a certified yoga instructor in 2013, and has a decade of experience using mindfulness, yoga nidra, and meditation to promote healing and personal growth. She holds certifications for Y12SR (yoga of 12-step recovery), Volo aerial yoga, and TCYM (trauma-conscious yoga method). She has offered trauma-informed yoga and expressive arts therapy groups in several different mental health and substance use treatment centers across the country. She is a certified substance use counselor and enjoys working with adolescents and young adults. Courtney believes that art therapy is a uniquely powerful tool for healing trauma and reducing shame, while promoting resiliency and self-acceptance. She uses a holistic mind-body approach in her therapeutic practice, and feels honored to hold space for hope and healing..

    Spencer Beeson completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at Christopher Newport University in his home state of Virginia. He went on to earn his Masters in Counselor Education with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Clemson University. Spencer has gained valuable experience over the past 8 years providing mental health and substance use treatment in a variety of outpatient, inpatient and community-based settings. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Addiction Counselor and Certified Addictions Counselor II practiced in providing Individual, Group and Family Counseling services. Spencer has been trained in EMDR and utilizes this approach to work effectively with all forms of client trauma and presenting issues as appropriate.


    Spencer embodies a collaborative, non-judgmental approach to therapy as the necessary foundation for developing therapeutic rapport and an environment that fosters our inherent ability for healing. He believes in meeting and accepting each client where they are and the importance of taking a strength-based perspective. Spencer works to engage the client in setting obtainable goals, developing positive resources and support, and empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own personal growth. 

    Marco Diaz received his undergraduate degree from Anderson University in Psychology with a minor in Sociology.  He completed his Master’s in Education with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Clemson University.  Marco is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Addictions Counselor, National Certified Counselor and a Certified Addictions Counselor I.

    Marco believes in helping clients achieve peace by working through that which is keeping them from growing and being the best version of themselves. He does so by encouraging clients to discover and tap into their own strengths and resources to achieve their goals. Providing a non-judgmental atmosphere where the client is the driver and he rides alongside them, he recognizes that the client knows themselves better than anyone else, and he is there to provide encouragement and point out other possible paths. Marco has spent the last 7 years helping people recover from trauma. When his clients feel stuck or weighed down by feelings, he works with them to develop strategies to help heal and move forward. Marco feels privileged to walk alongside people as they overcome their current challenges. 

    The passion and empathy that the team have for individuals and families in need is what pushes them to reach out, create, and improve the services that are available to them. Their background in Trauma Informed Care assists them in creating therapeutic environments that best suit the needs of clients. They believes in change through collaboration and empowerment and networking with complementary services to better provide for clients.​


    Redwood Trees are among the oldest and largest of trees. Surprisingly their root system is quite shallow for such a large tree. Due to this, they withstand the threatening elements of their environment by growing close to other Redwoods. They intertwine their roots with each other to hold each other up and support each other through powerful winds and floods that would otherwise take them down. Like these trees Amaryllis Counseling believes that individuals can survive and even thrive in the midst of life struggles with positive support and connection. 

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